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22 03, 2023

Weekly Prayer 3.22.23

2023-03-22T12:16:28-05:00March 22nd, 2023|

Gracious God from whom all blessings flow, rain down your grace upon us and make us whole. In your mercy, cleanse us with the healing presence of your Holy Spirit. Shower forgiveness into our weary spirits. Let your peace fill us and nourish our souls. Each day is a precious gift to be cherished. May [...]

15 03, 2023

Weekly Prayer 3.15.23

2023-03-20T19:15:08-05:00March 15th, 2023|

Merciful God, I praise you for all this day holds. I see the sunrise peeking through the clouds and I’m grateful for colors that paint the sky. I hear you in the call of the birds as I pass by them before daybreak. I feel you in the rain as it gently falls and cleanses [...]

7 03, 2023

Weekly Prayer 3.8.23

2023-03-22T12:17:57-05:00March 7th, 2023|

Be in us, O God. We thank you for always being with us and working through us. The world is full of challenges but you keep your promise to be with us to protect us. Guard our hearts and heal our spirits as we strive to build your kingdom here on earth. Let your presence [...]

27 02, 2023

Weekly Prayer 2.27.23

2023-03-22T12:18:57-05:00February 27th, 2023|

Precious Lord, I praise you for your love and care. When I call out in pain, you answer in a warm wind to ease my suffering. When I jump for joy for an unexpected blessing, the birds chirp outside my window to echo your delight. In every moment and every circumstance, you are with me. [...]

13 02, 2023

Weekly Prayer 2.13.23

2023-02-17T10:21:04-06:00February 13th, 2023|

A Prayer (AFTER THE EARTHQUAKE IN TURKEY AND SYRIA) Lord of all, hear the prayers of your people. When tragedy comes, dwell within us and allow our spirits to be calm. You are the only way to peace for our broken hearts. As we hear the news, pour your sweet assurance within us and remind [...]

26 01, 2023

Weekly Prayer 1.25.23

2023-02-17T10:23:04-06:00January 26th, 2023|

Lord of my life, I come to you. I come seeking answers and I come seeking comfort. I come…longing to hear your voice. I come to you…looking for a glimpse of you. I come…trusting you are with me, even when I do not feel you. You are…my light in the darkness. You are…my anchor in [...]

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