Lord of all, I praise you for your presence and your care. When I call out in the darkness, you answer with the reassurance of dawn’s first light. When I reach out when I’m about to fall, I can feel the strength of the wind keep me upright. When my heart sinks in sadness and no one can be found, I hear the chatter of the robins in the tree and know you have sent them to cheer me.

I thank you for all you do to remind me that I am not alone. You have formed a universe to protect and guide me. And yet, my spirit can feel the weight of a world that does not align with your will. Pour your peace into me, Patient One. Reassure me that you have this well-in-hand. There is no mountain that cannot be climbed and no river too rapid to cross. You are the author of every word and thought. You are the painter of every sunrise and sunset. I only need a nudge to set my soul at peace. Let me feel you…let me hear you speak my name. Yours is the only help that I need. I pray this in the precious name of Jesus. Amen!

-Pastor Maria