I cry out, ‘how long, O God, must I wait’? How long until you answer? How long until you bring healing to our world? How long, O God, must I wait?

I wonder what you hear when I call. Am I too bold or too timid? Should I come to you humbly or do you want me to confidently name my need. I feel alone in a crowd because I seem to be waiting alone. Do they not know our world is broken? Have they not seen the pain on the faces of your beloved people. Why are they not crying with me? Don’t they care?

Show me, Merciful One, how to be faithful while I wait.

And then the days melt away…the waiting is over. I feel you in the wind promising comfort with a cool breeze, assuring me that you are near. I hear you in the thunder that brings the needed rain for the earth and for my soul. I see you in the eyes of the children who are eager to learn, and I remember the command to teach them.

I praise you for see me…you hear me…you love me as I am…even when I question…even when I doubt. You are all I need. Amen.

-Pastor Maria Campbell