God of us all, we praise you and thank you for all you do for us. Thank you for the abundance of gifts that you pour within us. We know that you bless us beyond measure simply because we are your children. You formed us, and even when we fail you, you choose to transform us. Your love is beyond our comprehension. There is nothing that we do to deserve it.

Teach us to be faithful as you are faithful to us. Show us the way to share the love that you offer us. Let us pour love out upon others as freely as you give it to us. Guide us to see every blessing as an opportunity to witness to your mercy and grace. It is you who formed us to have hearts filled with joy and spirits filled with hope. It is you who saves us from fear and brokenness. It is you, always you, who comforts us in the still of the night when all seems lost. It is you…you alone…who loves us unconditionally and promises to love us without end.

We need nothing else than to know and be known by you. You are what the world needs now. You are the light that illuminates every path. You are our God…our one…our all. Amen.

-Pastor Maria Campbell