Holy One, I come with a quiet heart and willing spirit. I want to follow your wishes and seek your guidance. Yet, Lord, it feels like even when I try to be obedient, I miss the mark. Forgive my stubbornness and teach my heart a new beat. Help me to walk as you would have me walk on the path you design…even when it feels too rocky.

I want to be part of what you are doing in the world but find that I get distracted and wander off on my own trail. Let the power of your love draw me back onto solid ground. Let the firm foundation of your faithfulness steady my intentions and my actions. Let the good that you want me to do, be the good that I accomplish and set aside the rest. It is you and you alone that I long to please. Direct my every thought to seeking justice and peace for everyone. In the powerful and transforming name of Jesus, I pray. Amen.             -Pastor Maria