To you who are the beginning and the end, I come with a gratitude. In the midst of darkened skies, you pour your light upon me. I know it is you who calls the morning dove to greet the sun at daybreak. It is you who watches over the lions and the lambs, as well as starfish and sharks. It is you, O Lord, who sends the rain when your parched earth cracks and cries for a drink. You alone can give flight to the birds of the air and purpose to the bees.

How wondrous are your ways! I have nothing to offer but the heart that you formed within me. I have no wisdom that could change the pain of another, but you send me to share the love you poured into me. I can only offer what you have given me, the encouragement of your promise to be with us. I know that all I do is because of your love. Be with me today, Gracious One, and help me to be where you need me to be. The gift you desire is the gift of a willing spirit and a grateful heart. To you be all glory and praise. Amen.

-Pastor Maria