Creator, before the world existed you were. I praise you for choosing to call the universe into order. I thank you for your love which is so vast that you desired to form us and call us your children. I am grateful and I am in awe. You love me…even when I am unlovable.

You choose to love me even though you see me clearly. There is no fog that could hide me…no sunrise so brilliant that it could disguise my faults. You love me through my confusion, and you love me through my failures. You see me for all I can be and for who I am, made in your image.

Lord, please forgive my doubts. Please wash away my fears. Let me see myself as you see me. Teach me that in loving myself, I am honoring you and loving you. Pour your redeeming grace into my spirit so I might feel the forgiveness you offer.

Renew me with the breath of your Holy Spirit and make me whole. I offer you the only gift I have. I am yours…it is all I can give and all you desire. So be it. Amen.

-Pastor Maria Campbell