Creator God, I thank you for the beauty that surrounds me,
I thank you for flowers that delight me and for the shade

provided by your trees. I am so grateful for all you have bestowed upon me. I ask your forgiveness when boast that the victories are my own. You alone are the provider and sustainer of all that I need.
When my heart feels empty, pour your peace within me. Fill me with the only thing I truly need: your presence. Remind me that earthly treasures do not bring meaning to my life. Help me to strive to be rich in your love and grace.

I commit to care for others, as you care for me. Help me to see through your eyes the needs of your people and strive to be part of the healing of your world. It is by your grace alone that this world can overcome its brokenness.

My life is yours, let yours be mine. Fill my spirit with your generosity. Give me courage to follow where you lead. Release my fears and restore my joy, seeking only the treasures of your kingdom.
Strengthen me, Holy Spirit, to love you with my whole being and to love others as you have loved me. I ask this in the precious name of Jesus. Amen.

-Rev. Maria Campbell