Gracious God, I wait in the silence for you. I wonder if you will speak or come to me in the wind. When the darkness surrounds me, you bring light to brighten my way. As I sit and consider why you would care, the sun peeks through and warms that chill that enveloped my spirit. Why are you so good? Why am I so precious to you that you would move the heavens to calm me? As the clouds race across the sky in this early summer afternoon, I know even this is a sign of your love. But Lord, I am grateful it is not all just for me. You proclaim your love for all your children, and it lifts the weight from my shoulders. You are here beside me, caring for those you have placed in my life. I know all will be well even if not today.

How can I thank you for being my God? The gifts I want to give you, are the gifts that you first gave to me. You are so generous and merciful that even the simple moments are moments filled with blessing. The leaves of the trees provide respite from the sun’s light and cooling from its heat. You have designed all this for us out of your abundant love. You are our armor and our shield. You are all I need. In adoration and praise, I lift my prayer to you.

-Pastor Maria