Dear God, I wonder. I wonder about the rainbow that delights your children young and old. I wonder about the caterpillar as it becomes a butterfly.  Does it feel the beauty that lies within? I wonder about the earth that holds so much life just below the surface. Does it know the joy of bringing forth life?

I wonder why you love me so completely; I have no dazzling colors like the rainbow. Why am I worthy of your forgiveness and mercy? I do not hold life safe until you call the seeds to sprout. I am in awe of your love and grace. I want to be that rainbow so you can delight in a festival of color. I want to be fertile ground so you can plant food to harvest in me. I want to demonstrate show being forgiven…by loving as you love.

I wonder, God, and I trust in you. I trust that you are guiding my thoughts and my actions. Direct me to those in need of encountering you: let me be your rainbow so they might find joy; let me be your butterfly so they might see the possibility of new life; and let me be your earth, so they might stand on steady ground as they grow to trust in you. I pray in the powerful name of Jesus. Amen.

-Pastor Maria