Holy One, I come to you with thanksgiving in my heart. I am grateful for the many gifts that you have poured within me and also, for the times you did not. I know that I come often, seeking your attention, and asking for your power to bring about change. I thank you for always taking an active role in my life, even when it appears you don’t answer. I trust that you are a part of every life and every situation. When you answer in a way that I have hoped, I rejoice and celebrate your goodness. In the other times when it appears you will not act, please guide me. Help me accept that my desires are not always best for me. Show me how you are moving in ways beyond my seeing. I rejoice always because you keep your promises. Forgive me when I lament that it isn’t what I wanted. I celebrate that even in the silence, you are blessing me.

I lift to you the world you have so artfully created. Be in its healing. Make of it what you will so it is all we need. You, and you alone, are the one who can save us. You alone are the one who can calm the storms as they rage in the seas and in me. When I call, hear what my heart needs to tell you and calm my fears. I trust in your power and grace. I am yours, Gracious God, and you are mine. Amen.

-Pastor Maria