Lord of all creation, be in us. Lead us to embrace the wonder of all that is and all that will be. May our thinking be open to the joy of newness and change. Enable us to see the gift of differences and the blessings of diversity. Made in your image, we can be exactly who you want us to become. In those moments when we stray from the path, pull us back. When we are lost, show us the way to see you. When we are broken, mend our spirits and draw us near to your heart.

We long to be the people you desire us to be but lose our way in the busyness of our lives. As night surely follows day, instill in us the rhythm of following you. Yours is the love we need. You are the answer to every doubt and fear. Guide us as you guide the tide to the shore. Help us to know it is you that moves us to the place you want us to be. We want to feel you and hear you in all the ways you make yourself known. You are LIFE to us, and we adore you.

-Pastor Maria