God of the night and the day, thank you for each ending and every new beginning. As daylight tumbles into darkness, be with me to quiet the worries and the fear. Let your darkness be light to me, as I learn to see with new eyes and open my heart to your truth. Show me the way to your presence when the tunnel is so long, and the silence is deafening. You promise to be with me always and I trust that your promises will be kept. But even trust does not erase every fear. Even believing does not dispel every doubt. Come, Holy Spirit, Come!

When the darkness breaks loose into dawn, O God, help me not to be blinded by the light. Expecting to see clearly can often confuse and set me off course. I need to hear your voice in the sheer silence and in the confusion of daily life. You are so real to me yet, at times that makes me feel alone in a world that does not know you. Give me the words others need to hear so that they might be open to the warmth of your presence. And when you know the words will not be heard, direct my actions to speak them. Come, Holy Spirit, Come and guide me.

God of day and night, be with me as the days grow longer and the air warms. In every season and every hour, you are Master of the light and dark, the heat and cold…you are my Lord and my God. Come, Holy Spirit, Come and fill me. Amen.

-Pastor Maria