God of all of our tomorrows, thank you for the gift of today. Yesterday with all of its surprises was an adventure that you provided. Tomorrow with all of its hope and promise is the journey we long to take. But today is our blessing, the promise realized. Today holds the opportunities to be part of what you are doing in the world. Today holds the mystery that is about to unfold. Today with all that can happen is our chance to make your dreams come true.

You, O Lord, are the One who is present with us and does not waiver. You are our anchor in every storm. You are the firm foundation when the earth trembles and tries to tear us apart. We praise you, for being our God, the author of our lives. We ask that your Holy Spirit fills us with courage so that we can face every day unafraid of what it might hold. Assure us that we are pleasing to you with our words and actions. Be in your thoughts and our understanding. Be in our waking and our sleeping. Make this day all that you desire for it to be. We pray this in the name of the One who came to show us the Way. Amen.

-Pastor Maria