Gracious God, thank you for the morning light that breaks through the darkness. As the sun warms the earth, warm my spirit and break through the lingering doubts of night. You have promised your presence to surround me today as I wander. Grant me your sweet assurance that all will be well. Prepare the way so I can follow you this day. Yours is the voice I listen for when the noise becomes overwhelming. Let it be loud and clear, dear Lord, so my doubts vanish with the dawn.

You fill every empty place in my heart and make me whole. When I question, forgive me, and draw me close. When I am lost send a flash of lightning to guide my path. When I stumble, let the ground soften beneath me and ease the pain. You have done it before, O God, please do it again. Be my fortress and shield, a place of strength and protection. I am comforted that you go before me and promise to go behind me. There is no need that you have not already found the way to fill. There is no heartache that you cannot heal. There is nothing you will not do so I might experience your peace.

As I lift my prayers to you, be with all those who need your powerful healing touch. Pour your light into every fiber of their being and restore their health and shalom. I trust in you, my Rock and Redeemer, to do far more than I can ask or imagine. In the saving name of Jesus, I pray. Amen.

Pastor Maria