Merciful God, I thank you for today. I am grateful that in the middle of the chaos of this life, you are near. I look out of my window and the sun is shining and I can hear the chatter of the birds arguing over their territory. I am awed that as chase one another, they remain unaware of all of the dangers that surround them. Like us, they focus on the latest concern as if it were the only one. But you see the cats climbing up the tree and the landscaper approaching with a saw. Help us to see what you see and look out upon the world with curiosity and attention. Guide us to notice where the signs of life and hope are bursting through. Sharpen our hearing and direct us to listen to the cries and the laughter. Direct our movement to the places where you are restoring wholeness where there is only defeat and brokenness. Move us, Lord, to go to the places where we can be most effective so all your people will know they are loved by you. Give us hearts to love as you love and words to comfort as you comfort.

Thank you for yesterday and for tomorrow. Bless us and keep us safe to serve you each day. Guard our homes, schools, workplaces and play places. May your presence be felt in every place we are. In the precious name of Jesus, we pray.   Amen.

-Pastor Maria