“For we are God’s masterpiece… (Ephesians 2:10 NLT)

God of all, we praise you for your love and never-ending surprises. As Spring paints the earth, you awaken us to its beauty. We see the splendor in each bud as it blossoms to reveal the flower within. Each blade of grass holds the secret of your power to transform our weary world. Where once there was bare ground, lush green spreads across a field. Birds sing to celebrate the new life every tree holds as they fly above the branches. All the earth participates in the symphony of creation.

You, O God, are the Great Designer of all. Within each creature, you have placed the blueprint for a joyous, fruitful life. You have planted the seeds of hope into each fiber of our being. We are blessed to be made in your image and formed by your hand. It is your love that lifts us high above every storm cloud and keeps us safe.

Lord of all, draw us nearer to your heart. Remind us that there is no mountain that we cannot climb, if we place ourselves in your hands. You see us as we are, and you dream for us to be all you want us to become. We bloom from the hidden places and become your masterpieces. You knew us before we were formed and breathed life into us. We are yours and strive to know you as you want to be known. Be in us so we might be your reflection and shine your glorious light into your world. Amen.                          Pastor Maria