Holy One, we come to you with longing hearts. In the midst of a world torn by violence, we cry out for you to protect us. But even now, we praise you for the countless blessings that you pour upon us. Each touch is a reminder of your mercy and compassion and yet, we still feel pain. The pain of knowing lives have been cut short. The pain of knowing your creation has been damaged. Help us to work for a better tomorrow. Direct us to the people and places where your healing is needed. Give us the abilities and tools to do the work that is required. Open our ears to hear the way people want us to assist. Open our spirits to walk beside those who cannot stand on their own. Strengthen us by your powerful presence to build healthy communities so everyone has what they need.
Open our minds to dream and to hope for the future you desire. Gracious One, teach us to forgive as we are forgiven…and to be merciful as you are merciful. Guide us to love as we are loved. We want to be faithful as you are faithful. We trust in you, O God, and we lift this all to you in the name of Jesus. Amen.

-Pastor Maria