Prayer for creation

God of power and might, pour your Holy Spirit upon us. We come with thanksgiving for all that you have done. We trust that you are still working in and through us. We praise you for the sweet assurance that you will hold us close and heal our brokenness.

But Lord, our world is aching. Your wondrous creation has been damaged and your creatures suffer when their native habitats are destroyed. Guide us to be protectors of your world. Show us the way to care for earth, sea, and sky. Lead us on a journey to discover the wonders that we ignore, so that we might treasure what you love. Let the celebration of the earth bring us closer to you and closer to one another. This world is our home and your gift to us, may we restore it to the paradise you desire.

We pray in the precious name of Jesus and the power of your Holy Spirit. Amen.

-Pastor Maria