Lord of life, I praise and adore you. As the flowers stretch to the sun, I stretch to grow closer to you. You provide all that I need to thrive. Thank you for pouring your breath into me and filling me with the true source of joy, your Spirit within me. As the sun rises, you confirm your resurrection and the life you promise for all who believe. Cast out my doubt and fear and fill me with hope. There is none like you and I need no other.
Let me find comfort in your presence, for you are always near to me. Let me hear hope in the songs of the birds that greet me each morning. Let me be a source of peace in a world of doubt and fear. Let me be light in another’s darkness. For all you have given me and all you will give me, let my life be a gift to you. In the name of Jesus our Christ, I pray. Amen.

-Pastor Maria Campbell