God of our salvation, we enter Holy Week with a parade and waving palms. Even then, the celebration is tainted by the week before us. We hesitate to stare into it. Jesus knew the way he must travel, and he did not turn back. He boldly overturned the tables at the Temple because he wanted those around him to worship you. He didn’t want them to be distracted. We thank you and praise you for his powerful witness. Guide us, Holy One, to keep our focus on you this week. Help us to be faithful.

Jesus came to show us the way to follow you and yet we still get lost. Two thousand years later, we are afraid to get too close; what might happen to us. We are grateful he came to save us but don’t give ourselves completely to you. We worry about the cost. What will others think but Jesus did not count the cost. He knew others disapproved of him but kept walking among the very people who sought to take his life. He knew his mission and did not become sidetracked. He was obedient to your will. It was your voice that guided him, even when the direction led to his death.

Allow us to hear your voice…allow us to feel your presence. Fill us with strength and perseverance to face every obstacle and keep our eyes on you. Draw us near and breathe your Holy Spirit into us. Let us arise Easter morning with the assurance that the price has been paid.

Plant hope within us and send us to share the Good News!

-Pastor Maria