God of all creation, stand in the gap with us. We need you and the assurance of your presence. The world doesn’t feel very solid right now. There are holes being made in the fabric of our security and safety. The picture of our world has been torn. People are dying because they have chosen to live in their homeland. There are people who are mourning because their lives have been uprooted. We listen in disbelief to the reports of war and we are troubled deep in our core. Not again, Lord…not again.

Merciful God, forgive us for the times we have not protested attacks in other regions of the world. Whenever lives are lost, your weep, and we should as well. Help us to value each life regardless of their political affiliations. You have told us each person is made in your image and is beloved by you. Help us to care for them as you do, as your beloved children.

We want to demonstrate support for all who are impacted by this war. Children awaiting adoption…families separated for safety… citizens who remain behind to defend their nation. Guide us to make your love real them all. Empowered by your grace, direct us to act in the proper ways. Remind us that our first action must be to turn to you. As we pray, help us to listen with our hearts as well as our ears. Let our words be words that strengthen others and lead to peace. Pour your miraculous light pour down upon your earth and heal its brokenness.

Lord, we pray for the children who are being harmed and the scars are being formed. We pray for the young soldiers who are sent to a job they would not choose. We pray for those experiencing war once again. Ease their fear and bring them comfort. We pray for all who defend their homelands across the globe. Bolster their resolve to stand strong.

We pray for the leaders of every country to hear your voice. Let them strive to seek mediation and peace. We trust in your power and praise you for your grace that freely flows upon us. In the blessed name of our Savior, we pray. Amen.

-Pastor Maria Campbell