God of hope, we come with hearts and minds open wide. We seek your wisdom and your guidance. We long to feel your presence and be assured that you are here with us. There is so much pain and hurt in the world and we feel helpless to assist in ways that are meaningful. We lift our prayers to you, knowing that you have the power and the desire to bring about what is best for each person.

Merciful One, forgive us when we have been too quick to speak words that do not lead to healing. Touch our lips with holy fire and let them speak what you need others to hear. Fill our minds with thoughts that encourage us to be bold in our convictions but remain centered on your call to love your people. We need your peace to flow freely within our spirits so we can be the calm in the midst of storms. We trust that it is you who is leading us when we feel the tug to reach out. Speak, Lord, we desire to know all that you want us to do.

In you, we have all that we could possibly hope and dream. We thank you for your faithfulness and patience. Without you, there is only fear and confusion when the world seems out of control. We praise you for going before us to prepare the way and for going behind us to protect us from all we cannot see. You are our refuge and strength.

-Pastor Maria