Lord of all creation, we praise you for the beauty of all that you have made. As the snow paused our daily routines, we were given front row seats to a demonstration of your power. As the heavens opened, a sea of white showered your grace upon us. What a beautiful sight to behold!

Lord, the splendor of the earth’s covering does not hide the pain we feel. We lift our voices in thanksgiving that the shooting at Olathe East HS did not end in a death. But we feel the scars that have been formed in the minds and hearts of our community. Our security that “it couldn’t happen here” cannot be reestablished. We are keenly aware that we are not in control. We cannot protect everyone at all times. We must turn to you. We must place our loved ones in your hands. In you alone we can find peace.

At the same time, our hearts continue to break for your people (young and old) in the Ukraine. Create a path to peace where there seems to be no way. Guard the leaders and citizens who are striving to protect their homeland. Please Gracious One, let the mind of Christ be in the leaders of all nations and guide them to new vision. We trust that there is a way to end this war. Be in everyone’s thoughts and actions. Lead us to shalom. We need you, Lord…be with us now! Amen.

-Pastor Maria Campbell