Today’s prayer is a contemplative prayer.

We suggest you use this prayer to prepare for meditation, centering your heart and mind on God.

I come to you, O God, with heart and mind open to all you would say to me. I come not to ask but rather to listen and to understand. I come longing to feel your company and to hear your voice. 

You are my shelter. The anticipation of you drawing near fills me with hope. There is nothing that I can say or do to make me worthy of your presence. And yet, I come believing you will be here to meet me. You have shown me love, and I trust in your promises.

In the silence, I am satisfied that you are near. In the darkness, I can see your light surround me. It is your voice that vibrates within my soul…and makes me whole. 

Come, Holy One, and I will be satisfied. Come and I will know peace. You are the source of my joy and the salvation I seek.

Pastor Maria Campbell

Congregational Care Team

Heritage United Methodist Church