Precious Lord, I praise you for your love and care. When I call out in pain, you answer in a warm wind to ease my suffering. When I jump for joy for an unexpected blessing, the birds chirp outside my window to echo your delight. In every moment and every circumstance, you are with me. The heavens declare your majesty and also your creative, healing presence.

I thank you for each gentle reminder that I am not alone. Your Word testifies to your promises being fulfilled for those who have entered into life eternal and for me as I live in the present time. You have blessed my todays and my tomorrows; and every yesterday speaks of your faithfulness. Who am I to receive such love from the King of the Universe? Yet you say, I am yours and that is enough.

Help me be to others what you are to me. Guide my words and actions to speak the truth, even when it might be hard to hear by others. Guard me as I walk into the unknown, and teach me to trust that you would not send me to a place you do not know. I love you, Lord, and seek to follow you.  In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

-Pastor Maria