In the quiet, O God, I call to you. As I wait, I wonder. I wonder about your power and your never-failing grace. As I wait, there are others who cry out in pain and anguish. For them, there is no time to pause and wonder. They have lost loved ones, homes and all they once possessed and cherished. For them, there is no time to wonder because their lives are in peril.

Why, O God? I beg you to send down your powerful Holy Spirit and free them from their suffering and ease their grief. End the fighting. End the hunger. End the freezing nights that make living without a home unbearable. Pour your love into those who harm them and transform their hearts. Direct us to respond in the ways that will address their most pressing needs. Keep our minds from judgment because there is no time to waste while our brothers and sisters are in distress and dying.

And so I will wait but I choose to trust that you will act. I trust that you are present. I heard your voice deep within, calling me to listen. You invite me to open my mind and attend to you. Listen to you. Wait for your direction. The waiting feels unbearable…please wait with me, O God. Guide me to move only when you call. I know you have not forgotten them…show me the way to serve them.

-Pastor Maria