Gracious God, we are filled with the hope of Christmas. There have been so many fulfilled promises in the past but we are mindful that we still await your coming. Every hymn prepares us to receive Christ more fully into our lives. Each scripture about his birth reminds us of the sacrifice made to save us. At the same time, our hearts are filled with awe as we think of a little baby lying in a manger. We can almost hear the sweet sounds of a newborn. But we ponder how you can love us so generously.

Teach us the way to love as you love, O God. Pour your Holy Spirit within us so we can feel you near and be changed. Change not only our spirits, but also our hearts and minds. Transform us to be living proof of your love, so that the light of Christ might shine through us to those who need you. Be born in us again this Christmas! May we be living witnesses to your power and grace. Amen.