Weekly Prayer 12.27.21

Emmanuel, God-with-us, we gather to adore you and offer our praise. Your love for us is beyond our understanding. Knowing that you left paradise so we might one day join you is too wonderful for words. And so, we pause to spend this time with you. Humbled in your presence, we feel your love surround us. The sweet melodies we sing to honor you fall short of all you deserve, for you chose to come to save us.

And still, inadequate as we are, we invite you to come.  Come, come into our homes and our hearts. We invite you enter the sanctuary of our souls and bring us peace. Come, O Come, Emmanuel and let us glimpse the joy of knowing you. Come into our thoughts and spread the peace that you have promised. Come into our words so others can hear the hope you offer when we enter into life with you.

Come, O Come, Emmanuel and let your kingdom reign here on this earth. Let the heavens above shine with your light and guide us to draw near. As we approach the celebration of your birth, quiet our spirits. Let us breathe in the wonder and the surprise of the King of kings entering human form. Help us to feel the joy of Mary and Joseph.

Come, O Come, Emmanuel. You are the Light of the World. You are the Prince of Peace. You are our Mighty Counselor. Come, as our Lord, and find us to be faithful. In your powerful name, we pray. Amen.   


Pastor Maria Campbell

Congregational Care Team