God of all my days, I offer you my thanks and praise for all you have given me. As autumn leaves fall and the wind gusts bring a chill, I see you and feel your presence. Your love is the treasure that I possess and where I find my true joy. All can be well because even in my darkest trials, you are near me to comfort and support me. I could not know love, if it were not for the love that you give me. I feel lost when I cannot hear you.

When I call out, I trust that you will find me. I await your answer, as a child waits for Christmas, knowing it will bring delight. Yet I wonder, where you are when I wander. Do you stand close to watch over me? Do you wait for me to turn around to find you? If only you would show me the place so I would come to find you. I want nothing more than you when I am hurt or alone. Be in my mind, so I can imagine you nearby. Be in my heart, so I can feel the beat of your heart. Be in my ears, so I can hear your voice in the wind and in the stillness. My greatest hope is to dream your dreams and live your desires. I pray this in the powerful and tender name of Jesus. Amen.

-Pastor Maria Campbell