Grow closer to God through prayer –

Merciful God, I praise you as the morning sun rises out of darkness. You have ordered the world for both my waking and my sleeping. I am grateful for your compassion on the days that are overflowing with tasks. I am also grateful for the days when there is time to wonder. All is part of your glorious design to help your kingdom come. I am grateful for your grace that showers upon me; inspiring me to keep stretching as I follow you.

Gracious One, there is nothing that I do that you are not guiding. There is nowhere I can go that you have not already cleared the path. Your love surpasses any gift the world could offer. You make me whole. I praise you for hearing my pleas. I adore you for the times you answer a need before I could form the words to ask.

You, O God, are my all-in-all. You are my encourager when everyone else turns away. You are my reason for every action. I pray that I please you and you know I am thankful for your love. I pray that I speak the words you give me, so you know that I am listening. I pray that I love others as you love me, so you will know I feel blessed by your love.

I love you, Lord! I am thankful for every moment of grace that you pour upon me. I am humbled by your extravagant love and mercy. May all that I do be a song of thanksgiving for my life. I pray this in the precious name of Jesus. Amen. MTC