Generous God, I praise you. I wait as dawn pushes the darkness away to make room for the day. While all is still quiet, I am surrounded by the calm of your presence. You alone are with me through all times and in all places. You are the one in whom I find my rest. You are my hope and the keeper of my peace. The moments when I lose sight of you, I stumble. Catch me, Lord, and draw nearer to show me what you want me to do.

Holy One, there are so many people who need to know you. There are many who need your comforting embrace. Let the light you pour into me shine on those who need you. Show me the way to be what they need, just as you fulfill my every need. Be in my thoughts so the words that would comfort them are spoken. Be in my heart and reveal the way to love everyone I encounter today. Let me see others as you see them with compassion and mercy. I am all I have to offer to you who have given me all that I possess. May my words be pleasing to you. In Jesus’ precious name, I pray. Amen.

-Pastor Maria