God of all our days, I thank you for all my yesterdays. Each day as the dawn breaks, you offer new life to me. You formed me in your image so that I might live with joy. You breathed life into me and filled me with the spirit. I praise you for loving me and guiding me.

God of today, I shout my thanksgiving for all the blessings that I have received. Each day is like fresh water from a mountain stream. It is pure and full of life. Stand near me, Gracious One and protect me from all harm. I climb every mountain when I keep my focus on you. There is no one whose love is so powerful or could bring such joy. I can find peace when I lean on you.

God of tomorrow, I offer you my life. Show me the way you want me to go. I want to be all that you desire. Use me to help your people. Help me to be faithful and follow in Jesus’ footsteps. Your plans for me are good and I thank you today for all of my blessings to come. In the precious name of Jesus, I pray. Amen.

-Pastor Maria Campbell