O God, we come. We come wanting to offer our thanksgiving. We come on days when our spirits are light and peaceful. We also come when our hearts need the healing that comes from you alone. We come to you when our spirits need refreshing. We come to you when the darkness overwhelms us. We come…to you. We come because we believe you hear us. We come because we believe that you see us, and you care. We come to you because we believe in you even when you don’t answer our prayers. We come because you are the God of our salvation and our hope.

God, come to you, for you are the Lord of heaven and earth.  We want and need to be reminded of your presence. We want to be assured that you are as close as our heart. In a world that is ever-changing we are comforted that you are our constant. You do not change, yesterday, today and tomorrow. Guard our lives and protect our world. Be our solid rock and guide us to always land upon you. Protect us from all harm, as you send us to serve.

You are the light of our lives. You are the sun and moon that guide our path. You are God and we adore you. We pray in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen.

-Pastor Maria