Holy One, above all else I worship you. When I am confused and cannot find my way, you are there to point the way. When I am broken and cannot heal, you pour your restorative light into me and I am whole. When I am alone in a crowded room, you make a path that leads to joyous conversations. When I am afraid, it is your arms that wrap around me and comfort me.

Above all else, it is you that I seek. I long to be close to you and feel your breath upon my cheek. I want to hear your voice in the air that surrounds me. I want to recognize your presence when all is silent and the darkness envelops me. I call and you answer with the sweet song of bird. Your creation shouts your praises and I want to join the chorus.

Lead me, O God, to sing your praises on the days when I am confused, broken and alone. Help me give thanks even when I am afraid because you are keeping your promise to be with me. There is nothing that can bring me greater peace than to know that I am your beloved. Thank you for this day’s hope and thank you for the time I will despair and you pull me closer. I pray in the powerful, life-changing name of Jesus. Amen.

-Pastor Maria