Holy are you, Lord of all creation! I come with joy this day to spend time with you. I look out upon the breaking of dawn and know this is your handiwork. The sky is bright with the cool blue of winter but the sun comes with its fiery glow to warm the earth. Each day is a new gift unwrapped by the majesty of your heavens and each night the blessing of darkness provides us rest. I cannot look upon your creation without seeing surprises. The bird that awaits its mate and preens on the deck railing. The squirrels chasing along the lawn with sublime delight. The barking of dogs as the children head to school, saluting their friends as they embark on another day of learning and growth.

All this because you love us without measure. Over and over again you have proven that there is nothing you would not do for us. My heart races as I speak these words because there is so much more to tell you…so much more for which I give thanks. And so, I will keep speaking into your heart…spending this day with you…loving you as I am loved.   May it always be so for me. Amen.

-Pastor Maria