Weekly Prayer 1.18.22

God of abundant grace, I am awed by your generosity. When I least expect it, you shower me with extravagant surprises which delight my spirit. Every gift is more than I could ever deserve and yet you find ways to outdo yourself all the time. Today’s sunset startled my eyes with its brilliance, and took my breath away as I passed by the window. The warmth of the January air midday felt like a gentle hug that calmed me body and soul. In each blessing, you create another reason for me to wonder. You are so good and kind, loving and just.

          As day slips into night, you are here to refresh my mind. This day was filled with puzzles to solve to help your reign on earth thrive. And yet, each obstacle disappeared when I handed it over to you. Knowing whose I am and who you are makes all the difference. I praise and adore you, Precious Lord. Your light is the only one I need to guide me. Your mercy lifts all pain and worry and sets me free. All I want is your presence, and I am made whole.

          Lead me to the place you need me to go. I rejoice for you have called me your Beloved. Receive my life as my gift to you. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

Pastor Maria Campbell

Congregational Care Team

Heritage United Methodist Church