Again, dear Jesus, we are here again. Holy Week has begun. Even though we know that it’s coming, it never gets easier. The celebration of Palm Sunday brings us such joy but is quickly dissolved by a week of growing sadness.

Knock over the tables of our resistance to follow you as you desire. Send us to prepare the meal, so we can feel the momentary hope your friends experienced. Open our eyes wide and let Judas’ dipping the bread into your cup stun us. How could he…how can we?

As we walk behind you to the Garden of Gethsemane, help us to listen to your voice and follow your instructions. Remind us once again that we are to stay awake with you. And please, Precious Lord, in your mercy, give us perseverance as we journey to the cross. The agony is real and your suffering excruciating, it is hard to watch. Strengthen our spirits so we can stand near you. Give us courage to face the truth of our own betrayal. Forgive us for focusing on our fear rather than you.

Help us, Blessed Savior, to walk with you throughout Holy Week. Direct us to be bold witnesses to your love that did not count the cost. Amen.

-Rev. Maria Campbell