Welcome to Youth Ministries at Heritage! We’re focused on helping students (grades 6-12) to understand this crazy life and how their relationship with Jesus Christ gives them hope. The goal of our Youth Ministry is to create safe and meaningful opportunities where students can Love God, Love the World, and Love YOU.

Sunday School: During 10:30 service. A look at how our beliefs as Methodists are applicable to modern day life.
This will be led by me till a disciple feels the calling to substitute and provide their real life experiences of how their beliefs guide them through their day.
Youth Group: High School & Middle School programs will be 4-6 on Sunday for the first few months as we bring the new middle schoolers on-board.
The lesson will consist of a deeper view of Sunday morning sermon or a discussion over bible verses.
Homework and Community Time: We will meet Tuesday’s from 6:30 – 8:30 at the McDonald’s on 135th and Quivira.


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