An E-Note from Heritage

//An E-Note from Heritage

An E-Note from Heritage

Heritage Happenings

Find Your Place at Heritage  !

We are looking to add new faces to our

Welcome Team, Communion Servers, Liturgists, Ushers,

Sunday School and Small group leaders,

Cross-Lines Commodities Crew and more.

Contact the church office and we’ll help you connect!



Fill a gallon size ziplock bag with any of the needed items or pick up a new backback for a stuudent. Items will be donated to Mahaffie Elementary School and the Olathe School District Foundation. For a detailed supply list visit the missions table in Fellowship Hall or contact Cindy Svec,

      A note to Pastor Mic and the congregation from Guest Pastor Wolf


Hey Mic!

Don’t know whether you’re back yet or not, but hope your time away was restorative, refreshing, and fun.  I think the second Sunday went OK, and observed a number of folks in the congregation tracking the message of loss and hope, as well as the counsel to ‘listen to the Voice of the Shepherd,’ deeply.  Some were moved to tears, I hope they were also helped by the message.

Thanks again for the privilege of working with you, Mic!  Preparing for the 2nd and 9th of July was a joy and a blessing for me, and your congregation was a delight to lead in worship.  Kenda, Carrie, Melissa, Margaret, your communion stewards, your ushers and your liturgists were all amazingly helpful and extraordinarily welcoming.  Your are blessed with fine leaders and wonderful folks at Heritage; may God continue to bless you as you serve and lead them!

May the balance of your summer be fruitful, and may your wife and family continue in the blessings of Christ;  I’ll be praying for you and Robin as you continue the series this Sunday!

Grace and peace,




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