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Welcome to Heritage where our vision is to see transformed lives reflecting the love of Christ.

Where all people can come to Worship an Awesome and Loving God.

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The Big Picture

Sunday’s July 8- November 18, 2018

If there ever was a picture we need to focus on, to believe in, to look for, it is the Big Picture of the Kingdom of God.

We can’t promise you this sermon series, the Big Picture, will have what you need to hear every Sunday, but we do hope that every Sunday you will hear a bit more about the Kingdom of God and how we need to keep focused on it. We hope you see how the Big Picture, the kingdom of God, includes the individual pieces of our lives, the scenes of anguish and sorrow, the vignettes of triumph and joy. We hope we recognize those moments when God comes to comfort or encourage, to support and to guide, to lift us up or bring us to humility.  We hope we recognize God’s justice and mercy and our need to be reconciled neighbor to neighbor, nation to nation.  At the end of this series, we hope we see how all these pieces fit into the Masterpiece of God’s Kingdom, the Big Picture.

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