Merciful God, I come in awe and wonder. It is hard to endure the pain of Good Friday, the emptiness of Holy Saturday and be prepared for celebration on Easter Sunday. So many emotions have washed over me in the brief three days. As I linger in the story, I feel a powerful rush of thanksgiving but also disbelief. Why do you love me so much? You know me…see me as I am and still, you don’t turn away.

I am overwhelmed by the reminder of what Jesus was willing to suffer so that I might have an abundant life, the kind of life you want for me. I am caught in the emptiness of Saturday wondering what death felt like for the king of kings. Help me to graciously receive the gift of your love so I might live fully into your dream for me. I want to be faithful, O God. But like the people standing at the foot of the cross, I watch but do not completely comprehend the brutality and horror.

Open my heart and spirit to your call to rise! Rise out of the tomb of worries and fear. Rise out of the tomb of grief for a world in pain. Lead me to a resurrection life filled with desire to love and to serve. Show me the way to rise and be free to love as you love. I ask this in Jesus’ name, Amen.

-Pastor Maria Campbell