19 05, 2022

Weekly Prayer 5.19.22

2022-05-19T11:02:16-05:00May 19th, 2022|

Gracious God, I look out the window with thanksgiving in my heart for all you have created. The promised May flowers have arrived and decorate the garden with colors only you can create. Each plant holds its own beauty and the tree that grants them shade is a canopy of green leaves dancing in the [...]

11 05, 2022

Weekly Prayer 5.12.22

2022-05-11T14:37:14-05:00May 11th, 2022|

Loving God, I come with joy in my heart. I am grateful for all the moments of my life. I celebrate when you show me sunshine in a rainstorm and surround me with warmth in a blizzard. Your love has formed me and transformed me as become all that you desire. Lord, there is nothing [...]

3 05, 2022

Weekly Prayer 5.4.22

2022-05-10T12:45:43-05:00May 3rd, 2022|

Gracious God, thank you for the morning light that breaks through the darkness. As the sun warms the earth, warm my spirit and break through the lingering doubts of night. You have promised your presence to surround me today as I wander. Grant me your sweet assurance that all will be well. Prepare the way [...]

27 04, 2022

Weekly Prayer 4.27.22

2022-04-27T09:34:48-05:00April 27th, 2022|

Lord, in the midst of uncertainty, grant me your peace. In the midst of hardship and loss, grant me your comfort. In the midst of pain and illness, grant me your healing. In every moment of my life, be with me to guide and to encourage me on the path you want me to travel. [...]

20 04, 2022

Weekly Prayer 4.20.22

2022-04-20T17:22:28-05:00April 20th, 2022|

Merciful God, I come in awe and wonder. It is hard to endure the pain of Good Friday, the emptiness of Holy Saturday and be prepared for celebration on Easter Sunday. So many emotions have washed over me in the brief three days. As I linger in the story, I feel a powerful rush of [...]

13 04, 2022

Weekly Prayer 4.13.22

2022-04-13T00:53:30-05:00April 13th, 2022|

God of our salvation, we enter Holy Week with a parade and waving palms. Even then, the celebration is tainted by the week before us. We hesitate to stare into it. Jesus knew the way he must travel, and he did not turn back. He boldly overturned the tables at the Temple because he wanted [...]

6 04, 2022

Weekly Prayer 4.6.22

2022-04-06T14:43:33-05:00April 6th, 2022|

Holy One, we come longing to hear a word from you. As we journey in this latter part of Lent, it is all too clear where we are going. The signs in the stores celebrate bunnies and tulips but the word is present, Easter. It is a word that holds such great hope and promise. [...]

30 03, 2022

Weekly Prayer 3.30.22

2022-03-30T12:55:12-05:00March 30th, 2022|

God of hope, we come with hearts and minds open wide. We seek your wisdom and your guidance. We long to feel your presence and be assured that you are here with us. There is so much pain and hurt in the world and we feel helpless to assist in ways that are meaningful. We [...]

23 03, 2022

Weekly Prayer 3.23.22

2022-03-23T09:29:52-05:00March 23rd, 2022|

God of all, we come with heavy hearts as the horrors of war continue to fill the news. There is nowhere we can turn that there are not reminders that your people are suffering. We humbly ask that you pour your powerful Holy Spirit upon those who must flee for their lives, those who remain [...]

16 03, 2022

Weekly Prayer 3.16.22

2022-03-16T10:51:50-05:00March 16th, 2022|

Lord of all creation, we praise you for the beauty of all that you have made. As the snow paused our daily routines, we were given front row seats to a demonstration of your power. As the heavens opened, a sea of white showered your grace upon us. What a beautiful sight to behold! Lord, [...]

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