An E-note from Heritage

//An E-note from Heritage

An E-note from Heritage

Here’s What’s Happening at Heritage!

To make the best decisions in life, we need a faith base.

A relationship with God, reading the scriptures, remembering traditions, and having a devoted spirit can help us build that firm base.

Join us and build your faith base.

Sunday morning worship services are at 9 AM and 10:30 AM.

February 25                         Matthew 6:7-15                           “The Lord’s Prayer”

March 4                               Psalm 23                          “The Lord is My Shepherd”

March 11                             Apostle’s Creed                                “We believe”

March 18                             Acts 8:35-38                                        “Baptism”

March 25                             Mark 14:22-25                              “The Lord’s Table”

March 26                             Prayer Vigil                                          All Day

March 29                             Maundy Thursday                                7:00 PM

March 30                             Good Friday                                        7:00 PM

March 31                             Family Easter Celebration                    10:00 AM

April 1                                 Easter                                              “Wait for It”




We want to care for you!

Do you have an upcoming surgery,

a sympathy, or a joy?

Do you need assistance?

Are you in need of prayer?

Call Pastor Mic at 913.897.6446 and dial Ext 1







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